Attention Hancock County Residents

Attention residents of the City of Bay St. Louis, the City of Diamondhead, the City of Waveland and Unincorporated areas of Hancock County — please watch this infomercial for important information regarding our services that will begin this week!

  1. All current service days remain the same!
  2. All 95 gallon carts should be put out to the curb the night prior to your scheduled service. The handles of the cart(s) should be facing the house. Please keep carts at least 3 feet away from mailboxes, parked vehicles, posts, fences fire hydrants, etc. Also please do not place cart(s) under trees or low hanging wires. (See below for information about additional carts)
  3. All household waste should be bagged and put in cart(s). No household trash should be outside of the cart(s).
  4. The arm for these brand-new automated side loaders is on the right-hand side of the truck. Therefore the truck is designed and routed to go down one side of the street and will return same day to pick up garbage on the other side of the street.
  5. Bulky waste will be collected 2x per month from each resident. Up to 8 total cubic yards of Bulky Waste per resident will be collected for the month. Please do not place Bulky Waste under low-hanging wires or trees. Please keep debris pile 3 feet away from mailboxes, trees, fire hydrants, mailboxes, etc. We will be posting the zones along with scheduled weeks of when we will be collecting bulky waste in your area.
Please contact us at 228-299-0537 or at if you should have any questions.
*** You can rent an additional cart from us for $12 per year or you can purchase your own personal cart as long as it is similar in size and shape as the one we delivered to you. Please contact us at 228-299-0537 if you are interested in renting a cart for $12 for the year. ***